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Roughwood Drive, Northwood,

Kirkby, L32 0RQ

Tel: 0151 477 8640


KIB Northwood

Kids in Bloom, Northwood Nursery first opened its doors in 2011. A place where learning is fun in a safe and stimulating environment.


We pride ourselves on providing a safe, exciting and enjoyable nursery where children thrive as they learn.


We create a wonderful day care environment that is innovative, stimulating and inspiring for children and staff alike.


We have a wonderful outdoor area for children to explore and investigate. There are lots of activities to do including, water play on a large scale, digging in our mud kitchen and gardening, reading on our cosy cave, mark making, and imaginative play opportunities with our ever-changing magical hut.

The staff at Northwood Nursery are ambitious in working with children and continuous professional development is a key part of helping our little ones learn and grow.


Our aim at Northwood Nursery is to provide parents with as much support as possible. We hold parent and carer development reviews giving parents and carers an opportunity to talk to your child’s key person and understand where your child is up to in their learning and development. Your child’s key person will support you with tips on how to help your child’s development grow, we get to know each of our children and their families very quickly providing unique and personalised care and education.


We hold regular ‘stay and play’ sessions and workshops, where we ask you to bring along your child and experience the fun things we do at nursery with them. When our children reach the age of 3 years we begin transitions with their nursery school teacher, this consists of visits to the school taking photographs to create transition books for home and nursery. This provides your children with an insight to their new setting preparing them for school and the next big step in their little lives.

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If you are looking for a place for your precious little one feel free to come and visit. Quality guaranteed.

Become part of the Kids in Bloom family.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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