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KIB Southdene

St Joseph the Worker School,

Bewley Drive, Kirkby, L32 9PF

Tel: 0151 545 1566


Kids in Bloom Southdene Nursery opened their doors and welcomed children in 2007.


We are based alongside St Joseph the Worker Primary School and work closely with the foundation stage teachers to support children’s learning. We offer a wrap around service for children who attend St Joseph’s School Nursery.


Our building has two rooms and each room has a lovely spacious garden attached which is equipped to allow the children to move freely and use their senses to explore and learn through their play.

Our Baby room at Southdene Nursery is spacious and welcoming and has a lovely warm feeling when you arrive with your child. You will be welcomed by a member of our baby room team with a big smile to welcome you and your child in each day. The room has resources available that will support children’s milestones such as walking and talking, our setting has an enhanced ICAN accreditation which has given us additional skills to encourage early communication. During the children’s time in the baby room they enjoy taking part in a variety of different activities with their favourite being messy play and rhyme time. The children also participate in sand and water play activities as well as physical activities to encourage more gross motor movements. We have a strict no outdoor shoes policy in this room to prevent germs spreading.

Our Toddler and Pre-School children at Southdene Nursery are joined together in a larger room and is set out into different areas for the children to play freely and use their independence to select their own choice of activities and resources. These areas include our reading area, home corner, creative area, small world and construction, mark making area and the maths area. The children within this room become very independent and are able to dish their lunch with support if needed and have a water machine that they can access throughout the day to get themselves a drink.

The staff team at Southdene Nursery enjoy observing the children learn and grow as they transition from baby room up to toddlers and from toddler/pre-school to school, the children’s views and interest are very important to us and we use this to plan activities and make our setting fun for them.


We hope to see you soon.

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If you are looking for a place for your precious little one feel free to come and visit. Quality guaranteed.

Become part of the Kids in Bloom family.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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